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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Itty Bitty Giant

The Itty Bitty Giant
          Once there was an itty bitty giant that lived amongst all the not so tiny giants. He slept in the bottom drawer of his parents dresser in the top of a turret and used his dad's hankerchief for blankets. Although he was ten years old, and quite a clever giant, he was so small that none of the other giant children let him play their favorite game of rolling cabbages down the hill at the townspeople.
         Really now. What's the matter with the local giants anyway? Everyone knows it is much more fun to sneak around at night and set sugarberry pie on the humans porches to surprise them.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 12:13:00 PM Joyce DiPastena said...
         The little giant's name was Winifer and even worse than the fact that the other giants wouldn't let him play their cabbage game was the fact that he LOVED sugarberry pies. He loved them so much, that he couldn't help taking just a tiny bite out of every pie he left on the human porches. By the time the humans found the pies in the morning, they assumed that birds had been pecking at the crust and sugarpie fillings. Well, who wants to eat a pie that's been pecked by birds? So the humans just left the pies on the porches for the real birds to eat. This made Winifer very sad, because he liked it when his game made the humans smile, but he just couldn't seem to control his sweet tooth, so they always frowned when they found his "pecked" pies, instead.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 9:21:00 PM Donna Hatch said...
          That's when Winifer made a startling realization: even though he was tiny for a giant, he was the same size as the humans.
          "Perhaps the human children will let me play with them," he said.
          So he went to the human village and watched as the children played some strange game with a ball.
          A little human girl noticed Winifer standing alone. She smiled at him as she began walking toward him. All of a sudden, the idea of actually talking to a human terrified Winifer, so he ran away.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:03:00 AM Melinda said...
          Winifer decided it was time to overcome his sweet tooth. Just because he was tiny did not mean he could not be strong. When the next evening came he decided he would deliver at least ten pies to the humans and he would not take one bite of any of the pies.
          Evening fell and he set out on his quest. The pies were heavy and running from door to door with them was exhausting. When he had reached the very last house the sun was rising over the horizon and Winifer lay down under a nearby bush to rest before he headed home. Before he could fall asleep his tummy began to growl. An early morning breeze stirred the trees and swept across the top of the sugarpie on the porch. The scent was like a magnet that pulled Winifer to his feet. He fought the urge but it smelled oh so good. Maybe just one bite of this very last pie would not be so bad. He had been so strong with all nine of the others.
          Before he knew it he was back on the porch, the morning rays of the sun peeked over the top of the mountain and sparkled across the sugar crystals on top of the pie.
          Just one bite, one tiny little bite and I will run for the hills. He had opened his watering mouth, sunk his tiny teeth into the most delicious pie he had ever tasted and closed his eyes in ecstasy as the crumbs tumbled down the front of his shirt when.... squeeeeeek.... the front door of the house opened. The pie caught in Winifers throat as he opened his eyes and saw...
Friday September 25 Joyce DiPastena said...
          ...the little human girl who had been playing with the ball in the village. She stared at Winifer with large, round eyes.
          "You're not a bird," she said.
          "" Winifer said. Only the words came out, "Wul...mmm...nph," because his mouth was full of sugarberry pie.
          The girl beamed a bright smile at him. "Hi! My name is Winifred. Haven't I seen you somewhere around before? You look somewhat familiar, though you're a across the shoulders, aren't you. Or maybe the other boys I know are just skinny. Someone's been leaving sugarberry pies all over town, but the birds keep eating them before we can even get a taste. It's too bad, because my mouth does water so at the sight and smell of them, but Mum gave me a terrible scold when she saw me scooping a bite out with a fork. 'Gracious, Winny, you don't know where that bird's beak has been!' she screamed at me, and snatched the fork away before I could even taste it." Winifred blushed. "I'm sorry. Mum says I'm a terrible chatterbox. I haven't even asked you your name. You must be terribly hungry, to eat a pie that birds have pecked with who-knows-where-their-beaks-have-been beaks. Would you like to come inside and eat some 'safe' food? That's what Mum calls it. Here, let me run and get a napkin to help you wipe those sugar beads off your shirt!"
          And Winifred ran back inside the house before Winifer could do more than utter, "Mphhh."
Saturday September 26 2009 9:17:00 PM Cindy R. Williams said...
          Winifer scratched his head, not sure what to do. Before he had time to figure it out, Winifred was back. She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside the door.
          "Winifer this is my mother, Winny. Mom this is Winifer. Can he has some safe food?
          Winifer tried to smile at the kindly looking woman, but his mouth trembled. And if that wasn't enough there were two dark brown eyes peeking out from a ball of fur near his feet. Poor Winifer was so frightned that before he could move or even let out a scream, a pink tongue stuck out below the eyes and began to lick him. Instead of screaming, he laughed. Then out came a loud burp, a sugarberry pie burp. Winfer laughed some more. Winifred joined in and so did her mom.
          Winfred's mom set out some fresh bread, butter and jelly and two large glasses of milk on the kitchen table. Winifer and Winifred sat down and began to eat. The fur ball with the pink tongue sat at their feet panting.
          Winifreds mother turned to Winfer and asked . . .
"Do you want to ride on our electric kite after you eat, and take Winifer back to his home before it grows to late?"
          "Oh yes Mother!"
          Winifer and Winifred ate quickly, jumped on the electric kite and sailed into the deep blue sky.


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